Month: April 2013

Pam – in the garden

‘I really enjoy helping out at the events at Elmscroft. Normally I am busy with my home life and family but when time permits I like to give something back’ Nicky 41

Bill fixing the electric fencing

“It’s always a challenge and you never know what you’ll get asked to do – and there is always something to do.  It’s the first time I’ve felt like I’m achieving something for a long time.  I love the people at Dandelion


Our work with referred families has consistently helped highly troubled children and families overcome trauma and lead more positive lives You can see our latest Outcomes here.

Who we are

Dandelion Time works with the child and the wider family, believing that family relationships and bonds are vital in helping a child overcome their difficulties and are often a key factor in their issues.

Who we work with

The children we work with have often been affected by the harshest personal circumstances, having been traumatised by experiences including physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, or neglect.