About us

Dandelion Time offers help to children with very challenging emotional issues, often resulting from trauma, violence or serious health difficulties in the family. Our approach is family based and creates opportunities for new beginnings and improved relationships.

The service recognises the importance of being in a peaceful natural environment, absorbing children in calming hands on activities.  Therapists guide families to harness the healing powers of the natural world using materials such as wood, wool and clay, to care for animals and to grow and eat healthy food thus laying down new positive memories.  This helps them to discuss and explore the difficulties they are facing and enables the wider family to come together to build stronger bonds.

Dandelion Time was started in 2003 by Dr Caroline Jessel. Click here to read her story.

Our Dandelion Time Sites

Maidstone, HQ
The Cottage, also known as our HQ sits within picturesque West Farleigh. Occupying 22 acres of fields, gardens and woodland, this location provides families with opportunities to experiment, play and connect whilst relaxing into the healing embrace of natural world. Our resident chickens, sheep, donkeys, guinea pigs and two cats ensure there is no shortage of jobs for families to become involved in. From calming crafts to gardening and animal care, families can share new experiences and create memories to carry with them into their futures.
In early 2020 Dandelion Time relocated its HQ to a more sustainable site in West Farleigh. The new site is currently being  developed by renovating multiple dilapidated outbuildings and transforming the land. The Big Community Build is our fundraising campaign to transform our new site into a therapeutic sanctuary for vulnerable children and an admin HQ. Can you help us? Our Appeal document for our new site is available here to download
Ashford Branch

Our site in Ashford is located within the picturesque village of Woodchurch. In a peaceful clearing, lined by old poplar trees and surrounded by rolling fields lays the scout hut that we have partnered with. Here, children and their families can experience the calming and healing activities that the natural world has to offer. Together, families can explore the hidden woodland trails, make use of the fire pits, or cosy up indoors for some natural craft work.