Who we work with

Teaching gardening to vulnerable children, at one of the leading Kent children's charities for children's mental health.The children we work with have often been affected by the harshest personal circumstances, having been traumatised by experiences including physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, or neglect.  The emotional landscape for these children is often bleak, their difficulties culminating repeated exclusions or refusal to engage at school, and a breakdown in relationships at home.  They are often extremely isolated, and as a result of emotional trauma may be experiencing aggressive or withdrawn behaviour, or suffer from depression, anxiety or low self-esteem.  Referred children sometimes also have diagnoses of physical or emotional disorders including ADHD or Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Trauma itself has a dramatic effect on key areas of development in early childhood, leading to under-developed physical and sensory abilities and motor skills, or eating disorders.  We work with children to help them overcome these issues.

“One of the strengths of Dandelion Time is building bridges within a family where they have been broken through years of struggling. Dandelion Time helps children and families to relax in a natural environment  and overcome pent up feelings”. Dr E.Cheriyan, Consultant Paediatrician

Children referred to Dandelion often have difficult and complex home lives.  Many families are from deprived areas, are on low incomes and experience issues such as poverty and unemployment.  Parents frequently struggle with chronic mental health difficulties and low self-esteem, have a history of drug and alcohol dependency, or have suffered from past abuse themselves. Referred children have sometimes struggled to develop strong attachments to a parent or carer in early childhood, perhaps as a result of undiagnosed post-natal depression, exposure early in life to domestic violence, time in care, or the effects over generations of physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect.

The families we work with are often struggling with several health and social issues, and we are dedicated to helping the whole family to start to overcome their difficulties.

“There isn’t anything like it”.  “Absolutely brilliant”. “Coming here you feel hope”. Parents’ comments



Due to the sensitive nature of our work and the vulnerable children we support, the young people featured on our website are not service users.