Our work

For many children, there has never been a greater opportunity for learning, for grasping exciting new challenges, developing skills, forming friendships and making the most of life.

There are however others, who every day face extreme personal difficulties, often struggling with emotional or behavioural issues leading to problems at home and in maintaining a place at school. Such predicaments may have arisen as a result of troubles in the home environment, bereavement, parental complications or more seriously abuse, neglect or the effects of domestic violence. Parents and carers may be unable to cope sometimes with serious health concerns of their own.
Children may be showing signs of their distress by hitting out or hiding away, through self harming or displaying inappropriate behaviour. They are often socially isolated and have been shunned by their peers, their difficulties leading to repeated exclusions or refusal to engage at school or with activities away from home.

Dandelion Time provides a vital and indispensable service for the whole family with the child’s emotional, educational and developmental needs in the centre.
Based in a peaceful rural farm setting, the children will grow in confidence and develop their sense of self worth and awaken their creative potential. We want to see children re-engage positively at school and at home. We want children to take care of themselves,of others around them and of the environment they live in.

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Dandelion Time’s unique approach seeks to address the young person’s issues by working with the whole family viewing the child’s emotional or behavioural difficulties as symptomatic of a problem or problems that may well reside within the wider family.
For this reason Dandelion Time engages with parents, grandparents, siblings and other’s important in the life of the child.