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Carol & Jo – plant & sow

Carol and Jo work in the garden.  Jo loves to see families appreciating the beautiful outdoor surroundings as much as she does. Carol loves the welcoming atmosphere, peaceful surroundings and feeling part of a caring team. Carol feels children’s welfare is crucial

High Sheriff comes to Elmscroft

Alastair Campbell, 4th Baron Colgrain and High Sheriff of Kent visited Dandelion Time, in West Farleigh on September 6, 2013. He had a taste of what the children and their families who attend the project do at their weekly sessions.  Here he

Sam, who stopped moving houses and built one

Sam, aged 14, had a very difficult and argumentative relationship with his Dad. When they were at home, there was little positive communication, and they shared no activities together. Sam had also spent time living with his Mum, but had

Karl, violent fantasy games to full-time schooling

Sheep following child

Karl, aged 8, came to Dandelion Time as a very traumatised boy with worrying behaviour, unable to be calm or to concentrate. He was constantly running, moving and using fantasised violent play which involved acting out a variety of characters.

John, the gifted chippy

John, 13, is a bright boy who lives with his foster Mum Fran as he was taken into care at the age of 7. He had never developed many interests, preferring instead to stay in his room when not at

Penny, little mum at age 10

Apple tree

Penny started her day by waking her brother and sister, aged 7 and 8, making them breakfast with whatever food she could find, and getting them ready for school, leaving her Mum Kath asleep on the sofa. This wasn’t her

Our Boiler has gone Bio

Dandelion Time installs Biomass Boiler At Elmscroft House in West Farleigh  The boiler will provide water and heating for all our families when they come to the Project.  Installing a Biomass Boiler is also in line with the environmental and

Pam – in the garden

‘I really enjoy helping out at the events at Elmscroft. Normally I am busy with my home life and family but when time permits I like to give something back’ Nicky 41

Bill fixing the electric fencing

“It’s always a challenge and you never know what you’ll get asked to do – and there is always something to do.  It’s the first time I’ve felt like I’m achieving something for a long time.  I love the people at Dandelion


Our work with referred families has consistently helped highly troubled children and families overcome trauma and lead more positive lives You can see our latest Outcomes here.