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A photo of a boy running along and playfully swiping at dandelion seed clocks with a stick

Dandelion Time helps children who are struggling with the effects of trauma, abuse and neglect. Children spend time on the farm with animals and crafts to overcome emotional difficulties, grow in confidence and begin to love and trust again. 

In our blogs we will share some of the thoughts, ideas and experiences that have influenced our methodology. 

It's Time to End Food Waste!

Written by Anyès Reading, Relationship Manager at Dandelion Time  I had an amazing day at Tesco Community Cookery School  learning to use left over food to make delicious and nutritious recipes to feed a family or even better still feed

The Boy & The Earthworm

Written by Rachel Rodwell, Family Case Worker at Dandelion Time  The story of a how a small creature can bring so much wonder ‘I wonder what he’s thinking…what does he feel?’ mused the young child, lying flat on his tummy,

Discovering Autumn Treasure

Written by Louise Reid  Engaging the Senses when Exploring  As with all seasons, we are in love with our garden, woodland and fields this Autumn— amazed at all there is to see and all that is there to engage the

Nurture our Nature - it's our Children's Future

Written by Dr Caroline Jessel, Chair & Founder of Dandelion Time  The greatest challenges the world currently faces are the climate and biodiversity emergencies. The work of Dandelion Time reconnects children and their families with nature and enables them, as

Discovering ways of thinking I never knew existed

Written by Jess Duncan, Therapist & Course Leader at Dandelion Time  Expanding my mind to different perspectives and theories The Nature, Craft and Family Systems (NCFS) course has opened my mind to theories and ways of thinking that I never
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