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A photo of a boy running along and playfully swiping at dandelion seed clocks with a stick

Dandelion Time helps children who are struggling with the effects of trauma, abuse and neglect. Children spend time on the farm with animals and crafts to overcome emotional difficulties, grow in confidence and begin to love and trust again. 

In our blogs we will share some of the thoughts, ideas and experiences that have influenced our methodology. 

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Nature is vital for our mental health

The Natural World

Where do you go on holiday? Chances are it will be somewhere peaceful, perhaps near the sea, or in the mountains or maybe by a lake. Some people go camping and it’s so calm being in woodland or near a river. If your life is frenetic with...

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Dandelion Time and the Development of Green Minds

An Explanation and Manifesto for Action

Dandelion Time is now a leader in showing how agencies can work with children and families fragmented by neglect, abuse and trauma. Three particular strengths in the approaches are central: providing nature-based environments for physical activity, building social engagement into days to learn and...

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The Bicycle Ride that Inspired Dandelion Time

One sunny morning in May 2001,  I set off on my bicycle through the bluebell woods. It was the beginning of a journey that was to alter the course of my life in helping children’s emotional wellbeing and transforming the lives of hundreds of families.

The challenges of finding children’s...

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Why I started Dandelion Time

by Dr Caroline Jessel, Chair of Dandelion Time

I was a busy practicing GP in 2001, and one sunny May morning decided to ride my bike through bluebell woods as a great way to destress.  As I rode I reflected on children that had come to my surgery recently with...

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