Donation of Goods & Services

An Artist’s Illustration of our New Site

It’s not just financial donations that can help to make a difference! Donating a gift in kind can showcase your company’s products or services and help us save valuable resources to enable us to fundraise even more effectively, meaning that even more money can be spent on our vital work.

Goods and services can cover a whole host of things. We are currently developing our sites in Maidstone and Ashford and need your support to transform our vision into a reality! Please see the below list of materials we are looking for.

Our Wishlist 

Donkey Shelter
Tool Shed









Construction Material
Black Corrugated Black Roofing Sheets
Clear Corrugated Roof Sheets
E2020 Geogride Pave Mat
Hardcore Type 3
Non Return Valves
Pedestrian Wooden Gates
Pipe Connectors
Railway Sleepers
Roofing Felt Roll
Stock Fencing Posts
Stock Field Wooden Gates
Sweet Chestnuts poles for Pergola
T1000 Geotextile Fabric
Taps (Including Brackets & Stand)
Type 3 Rag Stone or Crushed Cement
Water Troughs
Water pipes
Weatherproof Sockets in Lockable Boxes
General Items
Chicken Wire
Compost (General Duty & Organic)
Sand or Peashingle
Straw Bales 








We would love to hear if your company could help in any way. To find out more about working with us contact 01622 814001 or email