Dandelion Story Time

Follow the adventures of Bump the Badger!

Graham, our CEO, has made 26 short films about Bump the Badger as part of his 2.6 Challenge. They are ideal for young children and can be enjoyed by all the family!

‘Bump the Badger’ is an inquisitive chap. He has a childlike innocence, and a fascination in the world around him. He can be cautious, perhaps inherently, and will hold himself back, taking time to trust in and communicate with those around him. He is hopeful and optimistic, like so many of the children we work with at Dandelion Time wanting to have faith in those he meets, but resisting if he is pushed too hard or fast. He wants to trust and accept others around him.

‘Bump the Badger’ would like to tell us all that the greatest moments in life are made up of the little experiences had with others, particularly in nature. The colours, sights, sounds and scents all around to share.

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Adventures with Bump the Badger
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