Help us build our Woodland Craft Lodge!

We’re in the running to get a share of £250,000 from the Aviva Community Fund. But the more donations we get from our existing community – that’s YOU reading this – the more we’re likely to get from Aviva. If every one of you reading this gave £5, we’d get there within hours!

We’re trying to raise £3,000, to build our Woodland Craft Lodge for vulnerable children, whose needs are greater than ever right now.

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Our Woodland Craft Lodge will be nestled amongst tall trees and green spaces, providing a unique experience of immersion within the natural world (artist impression above).

Children will take a hands-on approach using Sawhorses and traditional tools to create useful objects like rolling pins, spatulas and pencils. Children meet gentle resistance in the material and experience the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when overcoming challenges in their work. Focussing on the process brings children into the present, connecting their hands, mind and body. Children and families can work together using a two-man saw to cut thick logs, or work side-by-side connecting through shared experience.