Behind the Scenes at Dandelion Time – A place where families bond

Inside Maidstone, a local online magazine
We recently welcomed a journalist from Inside Maidstone, an online magazine, to Dandelion Time. Liz White looked round the house and grounds, meeting staff and learning about what happens here at Dandelion Time. Thank you for coming to see the Charity, Liz.

Elmscroft could be viewed as an oasis; a bubble where families can go to be taken out of their everyday routines and learn about themselves afresh and reconnect with each other. This sounds all very light hearted but the problems faced by those attending Dandelion Time are serious. The charity helps children and their families come to terms with their past and the troubles of everyday life are faced.

Graham explains the way Dandelion Time helps the children who are referred to them: “Dandelion Time works because it is involved with the important people in children’s lives. For children who come here who have been exposed to violence, emotional abuse or neglect we believe the families have seeds for their own healing. That is a key thing. We work with the effects of trauma by supporting the support networks around children.”

To read the article in full please follow this link, thank you.

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