High Sheriff visit to Elmscroft House

Hugo Fenwick

High Sheriff of Kent, Hugo Fenwick and his wife Kate Fenwick came to visit the charity.  On their visit they had an opportunity to view and participate in activities that Dandelion Time uses as therapeutic tools in its work with vulnerable children and their families.

They met key members of the therapy team, the families and children, and took a tour around Elmscroft House and gardens.  It was great to show the High Sheriff our latest craft area, the Pottery Studio.



“It is heartening to visit Dandelion Time, a charity that supports children who have been subject Pottery studio visitto neglect or traumatised by domestic violence or sexual abuse. These vulnerable young people are frequently referred to the charity because of their aggressive or withdrawn behaviour or are anxious with a low sense of self-esteem.  Set in a peaceful rural location outside Maidstone, Dandelion Time provides therapeutic support to enable children and parents from troubled families to rebuild their lives together.  On the day of my visit the children were clearly enjoying themselves making clay pots and handing around some delicious cheese straws they had just made, hot from the oven. No wonder that  Dandelion Time is instrumental for so many children to overcome their difficulties, since the project began ten years ago.” said Hugo Fenwick.

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