Indoor Rowathon a Great Success

Helen Grant and Anyes

NMA Physical Training in Marden was host to our most exciting event – the Dandelion Time Indoor Rowathon – over 3 days and 2 nights, 500 rowers gave their all in an Herculean effort to travel 1,000 miles: the distance from Marden to Monte Carlo.  At the busiest times, 5 rowing machines were going at full pelt.  Families, teams and individuals – children and adults – all from the local community took part.  Even those who had never rowed, took up the challenge.  We even had rowers taking part in the event off site, to help us reach our target.

The final couple of hours were the most intense as it seemed as we would not make it to Monte Carlo on time.  All the rowers were mobilised and rowed at full pelt for 2 minutes with very fast rower change overs.  The atmosphere was highly charged and the gym full of supporters urged the rowers on to go faster to achieve the target of 1,0oo miles.

Helen Grant, Minister for Sports and MP for Maidstone and Weald, arrived and leapt onto a rowing machine, leading the final charge to Monte Carlo.

Helen was so impressed by the team effort, the infectious atmosphere and the support from the community for Dandelion Time.

We are absolutely delighted with the support received for the event from Forza Supplements, other Corporate sponsors and the 500 rowers, along with the supporters and volunteers.  Everyone who got involved made it the most fantastic Dandelion Time event.

The Indoor Rowathon has raised £13,000 so far!  You can still donate at

Click to see a short clip on youtube of the whole event, thank you.



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