Marathon Madness

April was Marathon Madness month for Dandelion Time.  With enthusiastic, energetic supporters donning the green Dandelion Time vest to run in both the Brighton and London Marathons.

We were delighted to see such enthusiasm by our runners who signed up to an epic challenge of endurance!  The Brighton Marathon is a road race run over the distance of 42.195 km or 26 miles and 385 yards.  The London Marathon, is also a road race, and a distance of 26.2 miles.

Each one of the runners completed their race.  Richard McLaughlin even achieved his target of under 3 hours – he completed the London Marathon in 2 hours, 59 minutes and 14 seconds!  This gave him a placing of 135th out of 16,651 runners!

We want to give a special mention for one of our own Team.  Jess Duncan, one of our therapists, held a yoga event and also ran the London Marathon, making a whopping contribution to the fundraising by all involved.

All the runners have raised £9,000 to date, which we think you will agree is a stunning #doit4dandelion.  We look forward to putting their names on the Dandelion Time Wall of Fame.

Our runners: Eve de Gray Birch, Richard McLaughlin, Richard Standen,  Jess Duncan, Brad Wilson,  Paul Stott.  Thank you all, your fundraising will go directly towards supporting children and their families who come to Dandelion Time.  Our work relies on our supporters and funders.

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