Official Pottery Opening

Pottery Opening  1Local Councillor Paulina Stockell opened our new pottery building this week.  It coincided with a visit from the Sevenoaks Preparatory School, so the children were able to use the Pottery to make thumb pots.  They also planted over 200 new willow saplings in our woodland.

The pottery will provide a much-needed additional space for therapeutic activities where families will be able to undertake projects with the support of therapeutic staff. We expect our new facility to be used by over 100 people attending our therapeutic programmes each year, and it will be opened up to the wider community during our open days and events. We also hope to run community workshops and training days from the facility in 2015 and beyond.



Come and see the pottery up and running during our May Fair on May 16th between 1 and 4pm at Elmscroft.