Reddico Rocks Quizmas

Reddico quiz nightReddico held a fabulously festive Quizmas this month in aid of Dandelion Time

From their picturesque offices in Kent, teams gathered to do battle, including a team from Dandelion Time.

Quizmaster Luke fielded rounds of intriguing questions.  We particularly enjoyed the higher or lower round.  One team member from each table stood and guessed whether the twitter followers were higher or lower – Mariah Carey, Michael Buble and Enrique Inglesias reaching dizzy heights we dream of here!

Congratulations to the winners, Quizzee Rascals, who won a great hamper.  We were proud to come joint 4th in a tough quiz.  No wooden spoon for us!  The quiz raised over £800 for Dandelion Time!

Reddico will continue to support Dandelion Time and we are looking forward to learning more from their social media experts.

Quizmas  Reddico Quizmas 2  Quizee Rascals

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