Sam, who stopped moving houses and built one

Wooden play house up in treesSam, aged 14, had a very difficult and argumentative relationship with his Dad. When they were at home, there was little positive communication, and they shared no activities together. Sam had also spent time living with his Mum, but had a very tough time. Her partner didn’t want to spend any time with Sam, who felt he was neglected in favour of her partner’s three very young children, who also lived with them. He was shouted at and eventually had to leave to live with his Father and Step-Mother. He stayed there for a few months, but found things weren’t much better there either, and his frustration grew. Sam made several moves between the houses, but his angry feelings worsened over time.

He was becoming aggressive at school and was displaying attention-seeking behaviour, and concerned, his school referred him to Dandelion Time. He attended Dandelion with his Step Mum and engaged well, undertaking everything he did with enthusiasm. Midway through his sessions he started to build a rabbit hutch to take home, because his hutch was broken. His Dad agreed to come to a session and they had a good, positive time together working on the woodwork project, and made plans to finish the project together at home. They had a great weekend together, successfully completing the hutch… for once with no arguments at all. Sam seemed to appreciate the help of his Dad, who felt at last able to do a useful job.

Sam’s Step Mum has reported that since Sam left he is getting on better at home and they are receiving far less complaints from school. We heard from Dad that he was now spending more time with Sam and the atmosphere at home had improved a great deal. Intervention from Dandelion Time helped Sam and his Dad to find new ways to relate and understand each other, and provided Sam the time and attention to overcome some of his emotional difficulties.


This is a composite case that is indicative of our work, names and images have been changed.

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