Volunteers Week: Thank You

volunteers week 2014Here at Dandelion Time we are always amazed at the amount of time our volunteers give to us.  Their commitment to our Charity is outstanding.

Volunteers are an essential resource for charities, and here at Dandelion Time we recognise that without them we could not offer the high standard of services that we do.  We hope all our volunteers enjoy their experience and know that their efforts are very appreciated by each and everyone of us.

Many people, even volunteers themselves, forget that just because a volunteer does not receive any coin of the realm in return for the time they donate, it does not follow that the donated time has no real value .   Our volunteers are priceless to us and important members of the Dandelion Time team.

Elmscroft House is a very large farmstead, and there are always so many jobs that need doing around the grounds and in the house.  This week, as well as our regular volunteers, we welcomed a team from the Prudential and the DWP.  They painted, they gardened, made a sheep shelter, they mended and enjoyed a Dandelion Time lunch with us.  We hope they get as much from their experience of Dandelion Time, as we do.  It’s always a treat to meet new people.

If you think you have skills you would like to share with us, please get in touch and find out about volunteering here at Dandelion Time by emailing info@dandeliontime.org.uk.

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