Our ethos

We believe

Children should grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, to feel loved and free of fear

Our vision

To be a beacon in the provision of nature-based therapeutic approaches for vulnerable children and families

Our task

To deliver sustainable change for vulnerable children and their families, using the healing and educational potential of the natural world

Our values

Number one


The child is at the heart of everything we do whilst our therapeutic approach embraces the whole family system

Number two

Embedded in Nature 

Our love and connection with the natural world is the context for all we do

Number three


Our therapeutic strength is in unlocking the innate creativity of everyone we work with

Number four


We nurture trusting relationships

Number five


Respect and inclusivity are central to our approach. We listen and behave with kindness and compassion in our interactions

Number six


We reflect on our practice and strive to continuously learn and improve


Our therapeutic approach has been built on the healing power of nature and we understand clearly our responsibility to protect and restore the natural environment. The core of our work helps to reconnect children and families with the natural world, creating more appreciation, understanding and respect. We are continually working to help create a more sustainable world for children to thrive in.