Harry & The Bird Hide

A little boy had been coming to Dandelion Time alongside his two younger siblings and his Mum. Harry had a diagnosis of ADHD and ODD among many others. Harry’s behaviour had been described as challenging both at school and at home. Struggling to concentrate on anything at length and...
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Jamie's Story

Jamie was aged just 11 when he was referred to Dandelion Time with his Dad Sean. The family were overwhelmed by the heart- breaking loss of Jamie’s mother. Since her death Jamie felt unable to go to school.  It seemed like everything was a struggle. Sean...
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Sam Rebuilds

At age 6, Sam had already experienced an overwhelming amount of emotional strain.  For the first five years of his life Sam’s mum, Nicky, had a very controlling and dominating partner.  Additionally, post-natal depression and ongoing mental health difficulties had also contributed to Nicky being unable to form a...
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Leah rekindles relationships

At age 11, Leah was battling with an uncontrollable inner turmoil that no child should have to bear.  When she was referred to Dandelion Time she had poor school engagement, was struggling to form and maintain friendships and slowly drifting further into an isolated world consumed by anxiety, fear...
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Ben’s journey

At six years old, Ben had experienced a life that no child should ever have had to endure. Ben was born into a world of violence and abuse, where he remained there for his first three years of life.  Ben and his siblings witnessed extreme levels of abuse from...
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