Amy, a troubled start in life

Amy was troubled and very sad when she came to Dandelion Time.  Her progress is a testament to the work that she, her carers and the Therapeutic Team did to help her move into a more hopeful and trusting future.

Amy, aged 6, had been exposed to high levels of domestic...
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Karl, violent fantasy games to full-time schooling

Karl, aged 8, came to Dandelion Time as a very traumatised boy with worrying behaviour, unable to be calm or to concentrate. He was constantly running, moving and using fantasised violent play which involved acting out a variety of characters. Often he would not answer to his own name, but...
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John, the gifted chippy

John, 13, is a bright boy who lives with his foster Mum Fran as he was taken into care at the age of 7.

He had never developed many interests, preferring instead to stay in his room when not at school, playing computer games. John wasn’t happy leaving his room, apart...
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Penny, little mum at age 10

Penny started her day by waking her brother and sister, aged 7 and 8, making them breakfast with whatever food she could find, and getting them ready for school, leaving her Mum Kath asleep on the sofa. This wasn’t her only responsibility, as she did most things around the flat;...
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