Aspects of our work

Working with crafts

Natural crafts are rhythmic, soothing and rich in sensorially-stimulating properties.

Two hands on a pot at the wheel … two hands on a saw … two hands in a bowl of dough … these activities are about working together as a family and enhancing attachment bonds. Crafts also help de-sensitised children reconnect with themselves, access how they might be feeling and discover how to express those feelings.

Developing a sense of achievement

We also enjoy confidence-building games outdoors, like low ropes and family games of hide and seek. In our woodland, we build and light fires to cook damper bread or toast marshmallows – and we love den-building! 

Our many peaceful hands-on and purposeful activities include working with wool from our own flock of sheep, green woodworking and pottery so that children can make crafts to take home while learning how to persevere through difficulties and build confidence in their abilities. 

Painting new patterns

Creative and expressive activities, including music, art and drama, support children in developing their sense of imagination and improvisation and express their feelings to others. They help them to change behaviour patterns and nurture positive communication.