Our impact

Making a lasting difference

The big picture

Dandelion Time’s purpose is to support children to overcome complex emotional difficulties, develop in resilience and confidence, and build closer relationships with those around them so that they can progress socially and educationally.

A year in numbers

Children & Families attended sessions across all three sites
Therapeutic sessions delivered

Impact overview 2022-2023 infographic

To ensure our impact links to this overall purpose, we assess the outcomes of our service on each child’s emotional wellbeing, behaviour and relationships using internal and external evaluation methods. For example, by tracking progress on social and emotional wellbeing measures such as confidence, resilience and family relationships.

Our impact is not only manifested directly with children and their families, but also in wider ways on the local community and the environment.

Impact & Activity Report

Learn more about our recent work and successes, and how we have responded to the additional pressures caused by the pandemic.

Press & Awards

We are humbled by the many ways over the years in which the impact of work has been acknowledged and applauded.


With our therapeutic approach built on the healing power of nature, we are committed to protecting our environment. Discover more about our green vision and initiatives.


We welcome referrals for families with past experience of domestic abuse who are beginning to rebuild their relationships and lives, and need time and space to trust again.

Measuring our impact

It’s vital that we measure the impact we have. It ensures we effectively assess not only the value of our support, but the lasting difference it makes to young lives.