Rebuilding bonds as a family

Dandelion Time gave Adele and Kath the gentle support they needed to make positive life changes.

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A safe place

Nine-year-old Amber’s early years had been filled with change, devoid of stability. She was exposed to a world of alcohol and substance abuse before moving into foster care.

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Rebuilding trust

Katie had never truly known what it was to feel safe and cared for. Attending Dandelion Time gave her the opportunity to learn to trust again.

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Brothers learn to bond

Tensions between young brothers Liam and Scott often resulted in an explosion of behaviours, leaving Dad, Jason, unable to bridge the gap between his two boys.

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New beginnings

Lewis had been born prematurely and at that time his mother was trapped in an abusive relationship with Lewis’s father.

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Rekindling relationships

Leah was battling with an uncontrollable inner turmoil no child should have to bear. When she was referred, she was increasingly withdrawn and struggling to maintain friendships.

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