Alpacas Arrive!

Dandelion Time

07 October 2022

This month we welcomed some very special fluffy members to our family! Their names are Layla, Sunset and Alyss.

Alpacas are very gentle creatures, each with their own personality. They hum softly when they’re curious. Our families have been busy helping with their morning feeds and will be using their soft wool for crafting.

The children referred to us are often emotionally shut down and withdrawn. For many, establishing a connection with our animals is the first step in helping children grow in confidence.

If you would like to donate to help towards the upkeep of our Alpacas and support our vital work please click here

P.S Did you know we have a wonderful team of volunteers who ensure all of our animals are cared for 365 days of the year? If you fancy joining them or volunteering for another role visit our Volunteer Page.

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