Dandelion Time is laying down new roots!

Kate Bourne

07 April 2020

Our new home, Dandelion Time Cottage, painted by Rachel Rodwell, Family Case Worker

This month, we start a new chapter the Dandelion Time story, by moving into our new home!  We have relocated to a beautiful cottage just next door to Elmscroft House.

Over these last near twelve and a half years our committed team of staff and volunteers have been involved in brightening the lives of many, many hundreds of children and their carers and families.  The charity has become a well known and respected enterprise, valued in a widening area, meaning that we have been able to open a new branch in Ashford, a significant step that we hope will lead to the creation of more centres in the future.

Thanks to everyone’s help and dedication, Elmscroft House and garden became a place of beauty and life, inspiring visitors to create their own projects following the ‘Dandelion’ model.

Together, we can develop our new home into the ideal premises to continue to help restore the lives of many more children and families.”

Graham Carpenter, Chief Executive

We hope this painting captures your imagination by helping to bring to life our vision for our new home! We are so excited

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