Make a Crypto donation and help transform vulnerable lives

Kate Bourne

13 July 2020

As a small children’s charity we continue to innovate and adapt to changing times! From this week, we’ll be accepting cryptocurrency donations, using the award-winning UK exchange Coinpass. As featured within CITYAM.

About CryptoCurrency

Crypto-currencies are digital and purely electronic (no cash), autonomous (effectively owned and run by its users, rather than by banks and governments), and anonymous (the account number, also known as the ‘wallet’ is linked to an individual but this information is private). Its growth has been driven by the desire to make financial transactions more efficient, autonomous, and international, as well as to reduce fraud and high fees. Today there are more than 7 million active users and over 2000 currencies in use. 

Despite its exponential growth, the success of various crypto giving platforms (such as Fidelity Charitable, which has received well over $100m since 2015), and a number of large charities using the technology, just a small percentage of charities in the UK accept donations. 

Why We are Using It

At Dandelion we recognise that many donors value the autonomy and independence that crypto provides. That they want to support charities without high transaction fees, especially when making international payments, and that some donors prefer to give anonymously. In comparison to other forms of electronic / cash donations, crypto offers similar levels of anonymity. 

We’re excited to expand how our community can support us and to show how our vital work, transforming the lives of vulnerable children and families, to a new audience.

How to Donate With It

Using our account address (available as a QR code or text), you can use your online or mobile wallet to make donations. We accept Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. To ensure that every bit (pun intended!) of your donation goes where it is needed, we will be converting donations into sterling on a regular basis.

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