Our Covid Response Discovers New Pathways

Kate Bourne

25 September 2020

We have responded to COVID 19 by adapting the way we deliver our therapeutic programme to our vulnerable children and families. Currently we are not delivering our multi-family programme and instead running individual sessions for each family.

Dandelion Time’s venture into 1:1 work has been a joyful new experience for our team and the families alongside them. The current climate has left many feeling uneasy amongst the complexity and uncertainty of the world around us and this opportunity for a new way of working has been an enlightening and exciting process.

Venturing into the territory of 1:1 sessions has offered a new perspective to our therapeutic sessions with families and it has been a gift to become further immersed in the process of healing. Adapting our programme during a time that is full of challenges and restrictions has provided us with new ways to enhance our service for the children and their families attending Dandelion Time

Lauren Mewett, Family Caseworker

We have been fortunate enough to rely on the strength and constancy of the natural world to provide an environment for families to experiment with activities and interactions with a sense of nurture and safety. These concentrated opportunities allowing families time and space have been vital in supporting children to begin healing.

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