Chris Packham endorses Dandelion Time

23 January 2018

Chris Packham

Dandelion Time is delighted to announce that our work is endorsed by celebrated naturalist and author Chris Packham.  Chris is renowned for his fantastic work for wildlife as seen on TV (Springwatch, Autumnwatch, Winterwatch and many others) but more recently  he has shared with the world his experience of growing up with Aspergers and how difficult that was.

“I am delighted to endorse the innovative work of Dandelion Time because it takes a holistic approach for each child, using our relationship with nature as the basis for its therapy.”

Chris has written movingly about this in his memoir Fingers in the Sparkle Jar  and more recently described his experience powerfully in the TV programme, Asperger’s and Me.  What comes over so strongly from his work is the power of his relationships with specific animals – a kestrel when a boy, and now his beloved dog Scratchy – which clearly have made a huge difference to his life.  His love of nature has propelled him to overcome huge challenges.

“Children need to experience nature close up and if they are lucky enough to form a bond with an animal, it can be life changing, especially if they are struggling with Asperger’s. “

Many of the children we work with at Dandelion Time have struggled with similar difficulties and close contact with the natural environment is a vital part of our therapeutic approach which has had remarkable success.

Chris & Scratchy

Chris & Scratchy

Chris Packham is a celebrated naturalist, author and TV presenter.  His BAAFTA award winning BBC series Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch is ground breaking for its focus on British wildlife, and the ability to engage and enthuse millions of viewers.  His book Fingers in the Sparkle Jar and his documentary Asperger’s and me, describe beautifully the crucial importance of nature in his early life and how his close connection with animals helps him to address profound difficulties as a result of having Aspergers.