Time for Parliament to take notice of Dandelion Time

03 April 2017

Helen Whately MP is a great supporter of Dandelion Time

Helen Whately MP is a great supporter of Dandelion Time. We were very pleased to spot a mention of our work in a publication intended to stimulate government policy.  Entitled “Thinking Differently about Our Environment – a holistic approach to policy” the report focusses on the ways in which better care for the environment.  This will help us all improve many aspects of our lives.  Helen wrote the chapter on Using the Environment to improve Health Outcomes and this is an extract:

In my own area of Kent, a brilliant charity called Dandelion Time helps children traumatised by experiences of abuse or domestic violence build their capabilities and relationships. Caring for animals, growing vegetables and being outside are intrinsic to their approach, which turns children’s lives around.

Dandelion Time hopes this leads to wider recognition of it’s unique approach and therefore improved long term policies to address the mental health of children – surely one of the most important things we can do to ensure they have a successful, meaningful future.