Connie's story

A new chapter

At Dandelion Time, Connie and her Mum Helen, began to heal by laying down new foundations for their relationship.

Connie, 12, was overpowered by her fears after a managed move for her safety became overwhelming. Connie and her Mum, Helen were living within a small and insular community. They were experiencing relentless targeting and violence from those around them.

Connie struggled with this sudden uproot from the family she’d always known, even though she been living in a state of constant fear and anxiety for some time. The move impacted Connie’s relationship with Helen. It became complex and Connie struggled to be away from Helen. At school Connie was increasingly withdrawn and low, struggling to access learning and maintain friendships.

As a result of Connie’s separation anxiety it was difficult for her to get to school. She had a long journey to her old school from their new home. Helen’s employer was unable to offer flexible hours to allow Helen to accompany Connie’s journeys. Helen lost her job and found herself under huge financial strain with expensive travel, and rising living costs.

At Dandelion Time, Connie and Helen began to lay down new foundations for their relationship and enjoy being together in a new way. We used gentle, supportive activities to help Connie’s independence and equipped Helen with the tools she needed to build on this. Over time, Connie began to show improved confidence and self-esteem. She felt safer to engage with the world around her, away from Helen’s side.

We also helped them gain skills to cook healthy, low-cost meals. This improved their attachment and built on their relationship. It also promoted healthy eating on a low budget. In addition, we gave Helen ideas for free or low cost ‘Dandelion Time at home’ activities to take with them. Giving them examples of being in nature and craft work engaging senses and rhythm.

Since coming to Dandelion Time, Connie and Helen have made positive steps in their relationship. Connie is now travelling independently on the school bus and has made a friend in doing so. Helen has been able to go back to work without constantly worrying about Connie and her ability to cope. Both Connie and Helen still face difficulties due to their past experiences, but they now have the foundation blocks to remain optimistic about their new chapter in life.

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This is a composite case that is indicative of our work, names and images have been changed.

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