Harry 's story

The magic of the bird hide

Harry had been described as “unsettled, challenging, unable to cope." One experience at our bird hide laid the foundation for many more moments to come.

A little boy had been coming to Dandelion Time alongside his two younger siblings and his Mum. Harry had a diagnosis of ADHD and ODD among many others. Harry’s behaviour had been described as challenging both at school and at home. Struggling to concentrate on anything at length and often disengaging from tasks, quickly flitting from one thing to another.

Harry often became overwhelmed when in the presence of siblings and the opportunities for them to have positive experiences together were becoming less and less. On one session Harry arrived more anxious that usual and it was felt a walk outside might help to regulate him and ground his feelings. Harry set off for a walk to the bird hide with Mum, younger siblings and bird food in tow.

Once at the bird hide the family filled the feeders and laid out some extra treats. The family entered the bird hide a began to wait. In silently waiting, Harry began to find calm within his body, regulating and monitoring his behaviour. He tuned into to his senses that he often tried to block, listening intently to distant songs of birds that would hopefully fly into view. Harry was able to practice patience and experience the reward of seeing a woodpecker fly past after sitting quietly and patiently for what felt like a long time for him.

Mum was amazed at how calm Harry had been. She expressed that she couldn’t remember that last time all three of her children had been so relaxed together. This one trip to the bird hide laid the foundation for many more moments to come, showing the family a new way of being.

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This is a composite case that is indicative of our work, names and images have been changed.

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