Aspects of our work

Working with the family

Dandelion Time offers help to children with very challenging emotional issues, often resulting from adverse childhood experiences such as bereavement, trauma, domestic violence or serious health difficulties in the family.

Dandelion Time supports the child through a unique therapeutic approach that looks at the origins of their difficulties within the wider family system. 

Dandelion Time works with the whole family to create opportunities for new beginnings

Change for the better

Our programme builds resilience, confidence and stronger family relationships for lasting and continued change. Providing a calm and nurturing environment is the first step in helping children and families to feel safe and have a sense of belonging and connectivity. 

Following a home-based initial visit, families attend Dandelion Time for half a day each week over ten weeks, working together in groups of up to three families to care for the farm’s animals and gardens, take part in pottery, woodwork and wool-work, artistic and musical activities, and cooking using the produce grown. 

We value purposeful and ‘hands-on’ creative activities to awaken the senses and strengthen family bonds

Creating brighter futures, together

Working collaboratively helps nurture social skills and positive communication away from the complications of everyday life. With guidance from our team of therapeutic staff, families can find a new way of being and children can start to overcome trauma, gain self-belief, grow in confidence and regulate their emotions and behaviours.