Meet our Volunteers – Ying

Kate Bourne

05 July 2023

  • How did you first get involved with Dandelion Time and how long have you volunteered with us?

After getting through my professional examinations, I finally had the spare time outside of work and I really wanted to get back into volunteering as I had enjoyed doing so before I started working. I really wanted to volunteer with a local organisation and as an animal lover, it would ideally involve animals. I chanced upon Dandelion Time and found that it ticked all my boxes and the rest is history!

  • What do you do as a volunteer? Describe a typical session

As an animal volunteer, a typical session would generally involve making sure all the animals are accounted for and fed. I would usually start with filling up the cats’ food and water bowls first. Then head onto the donkeys and cleaning out the stable, feeding them hay and giving them fresh water. Next, I would feed the alpacas. I then make my way down to the sheep and make sure everyone is accounted for and fed. I feed the guinea pigs last and make sure they are all where they are supposed to be.

  • What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love interacting with the animals. I find it to be very therapeutic to care for the animals. I especially love having the resident tabby cat, Basil, follow me around as I go about my session.

  • What have been the highlights for you?

Feeding the sheep would definitely be a highlight for me as they get so excited for their food!

  • Any funny moments?

Woody and Weasley, our resident donkeys, trying to sniff my head as I was trying to free them from an area of the field they weren’t supposed to be in.

  • Any tricky moments?

I have never handled a guinea pig before so am still struggling a little with interacting with them as they seem terrified of me but I am slowly getting the hang of it!

  • Would you recommend volunteering at Dandelion Time and why?

Definitely! The people are great and it also gives you a chance to interact with animals you don’t usually get to.

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