Professor Jules Pretty Visits Dandelion Time

Kate Bourne

25 September 2017

Professor Jules Pretty with Graham Carpenter on a visit to Dandelion Time

A group of staff, volunteers and guests from other organisations attended a fascinating talk from Jules Pretty who is Professor of Environment and Society at Essex University.

Jules has developed the Theory of the Green Mind based on extensive research on how the brain responds to nature. One of his key recommendations for healthy development is that every child should spend time outside every day. He stresses the importance of creating the right habits as so much of our behaviour is driven by habits which take time to develop but are very hard to break.

His theory explains that we need a better balance between the activity in the top part of the brain and the more automated bottom part. Much of modern life is over stimulating and stressful and it can be difficult to “switch off” our top brains which can have a very negative influence on health. Nature, craft work and spending time together helps us to restore the balance in a wide variety of ways.

Jules was very impressed with the work we are doing at Dandelion Time.  His visit inspired him to write his article Dandelion Time and The Development of Green Minds, in which he cites Dandelion Time as a leader within the charitable sector through its use of the natural world and a healthy engagement with nature.

Find out more about the Manifesto for the Green Mind at resurgence.org

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