Why I decided to become a Trustee for Dandelion Time

Dandelion Time

06 April 2021

Written by Gilly Wilford, Trustee at Dandelion Time

Head and shoulders of lady smiling in a garden

I have been a supporter of Dandelion since it was founded nearly 20 years ago. I am humbled by the dedication, skill and love for humanity shown by those who work for the charity, which gives hope and healing to so many families and children, changing their lives for the better in ways that they could never have imagined.

It is a cliché to talk about ‘giving back’ but, like most clichés, it has arisen because it has a universal truth. I have recently retired from a career in accountancy and wanted to use some of my new free time to help others. Dandelion Time is local, care based and very effective.

The charity works with some of the most needy people in the area and achieves wonderful results. I could think of no better way of putting my working experience to good use than by supporting it

Being a Trustee is a responsible job and a serious undertaking. It’s like being a company board member but is done on a voluntary basis. Dandelion Time needs a range of different skills and perspectives on the Board: people who can give insight into the therapeutic needs of the families we help but also those who can guide the best use of financial resources and help with the strategic development and future of the charity, so that it can continue to thrive. That’s where I hope that my skills and financial training can be of benefit. It’s my joy to work with the management team and other trustees in taking the charity forward and continuing to support and help those children who need it most.

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